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In a town repeatedly facing the threats posed by wildfires, droughts, and other negative impacts of climate change, WeAct is seeking to build a more resilient Town of Windsor by organizing our neighborhoods to prepare for emergencies, working in coordination with Windsor COPE and Windsor Wellness, and working with Transition US to support resilient communities nationwide. WeAct also advocates for clean microgrids to provide power when the electric grid is shut down.


Are we prepared for another wildfire?

Will we be ready for another wildfire?

Are we prepared for another wildfire?

Are we prepared for another wildfire?

In times of desperation and uncertainty, as seen in the evacuation of Windsor in 2019, we cannot forget about our neighbors. WeAct is committed to initiating neighborhood block alliances in an effort to ensure that every resident is accounted for in times of emergency. 

WeAct has joined Transition U.S. to "build community resilience in the face of such challenges as peak oil, climate change and the economic crisis."  WeAct hosts study groups on crucial topics, such as how our community can become more self-reliant if systems we rely on become unstable.


Are we ready to implement the next steps to protect our environment?

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