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Cherry Tomatoes at the Farmers Market

FOOD Security

For the past few years we have faced fires, loss of power, evacuation, more fires, and now pandemic.  There is every reason to expect more crises in the future.  How do we prepare?  We strengthen our neighborhoods, our communities, our County.  Food security is basic.  Currently, complex supply chains, insufficient local food processors, a lack of farm diversity, and inequality of access to healthy food and remuneration of food workers stand in the way of strengthening our food security.


Garden, Food Bank, Farm


Everyone Grows


We support households developing the knowledge and capacity to grow food. We facilitate compost giveaways and other projects to support this goal.  See upcoming compost giveaways on the "Events" tab.

Woman Working in Garden

Edible Landscaping

Throughout the Town

We support and advocate for edible plantings wherever possible.  We help Windsor Wellness Partnership with upkeep of the Robbins Park food forest.

Volunteers Packing Food

Food Bank Support

        We volunteer at local food banks and our affiliated farms provide  them with fresh produce.

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