Cherry Tomatoes at the Farmers Market

FOOD Security

For the past few years we have faced fires, loss of power, evacuation, more fires, and now pandemic.  There is every reason to project that is our life going forward.  How do we prepare?  We strengthen our neighborhoods, our communities, our county.  Food security is basic.  Currently, complex supply chains, a lack of local food processors, a lack of farm diversity, and inequality of access to healthy food and remuneration of food workers stand in our way.


Garden, Food Bank, Farm


Everyone Grows


We support planting a few greens in a box or a sack beside the back door with instructions, materials, and seeds.

We support planting and caring for a bigger garden for those who have the space, with instructions, materials, seeds, ongoing advice.

Woman Working in Garden

Edible Landscaping

Throughout the Town

We support and advocate for edible plantings wherever possible.  We advise and work on upkeep and initial planting.

Volunteers Packing Food

Food Bank Processing Capability

        We facilitate finding and using legal kitchen facilities to process food donations, using gleanings and blemished produce that would otherwise be lost.

Green Orchard

Local Farm


We source available privately and publicly owned land, facilitating relationships between landowners and local farmers who will grow edibles.