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Windsor Unified School District serves over 4000 youth in Windsor.  The Board of Trustees has board policies and regulations that promote environmental stewardship, including reducing waste, recycling, healthy eating, and environmental education, yet the practices at each site need vision and coordination to improve. WeAct supports student and faculty activists working to improve the environmental performance of our schools, and supports the administration's implementation of environmental initiatives. WeAct works closely with the Committee for Change at Windsor High School to advance their sustainability initiatives.

The school district has the opportunity to do a tremendous amount of education on the climate crisis and cultivate more sustainable practices. WeAct supports a close working relationship between WUSD and the Town of Windsor to address the climate emergency.

Achieving Our Goals

Climate Resolution

WeAct supports advancing a Climate Emergency Resolution to the Board of Trustees.  The resolution asks for increased environmental education offerings, better recycling and waste diversion practices, better access to high quality plant based food in the school lunch program, and the hiring of a sustainability coordinator who would work with the district and town to plan and implement projects.

Students & Teachers

The Windsor High School campus has a student club, Committee for Change (CFC) working on climate change and sustainability issues as well as a teacher group working to pass the climate resolution. CFC has supported WeAct initiatives, including Wasteless Windsor and the Compost Giveaways. A strong school garden and waste reduction program was taking place at Cali Calmecac Language Academy prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and WeAct supports it continuation and expansion. We want to expand and improve sustainability practices at all schools.

Looking Forward

WeAct supports the Climate Emergency Resolution, the hiring of a sustainability coordinator, the education of staff and students on best practices for resilience and sustainability, zero waste initiatives, improvement of school meals, and partnering with the Town of Windsor to combat climate change. We want all long-range planning for the district to take the environment into consideration.

WeAct Members Involved

Shannan Johnson, North Bay Met Academy Teacher

Windsor High School CFC Club Leader

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